Company founded in 1991 by EDP professionals who felt the evolution that was foreseen in the area of Electrical Installations and Special Techniques, and decided to start their own commercial activity in this specialized area.

Sucessix's main objective is to respond to the ever-increasing needs and demands of the Civil Construction Industry market, applying working methods, organization, experience and installed capacity that would allow win in this market.

After having managed to overcome the challenges he set himself in the Civil Construction Industry, he set out to diversify the services provided, starting to work in different industries, both in terms of maintenance and of electrical installations, gas, fire detection and extinguishing, voice and data network, control and management of energy and equipment.

Our company's ongoing goals

  1. Seek continuous improvement in the service provided, in order to increase the business and the number of customers.
  2. Increase quality both externally and internally, allowing us to make the most of our installed capacity.
  3. A defined strategy that avoids errors and their subsequent correction, so that a better quality service is always achieved for the customer.
  4. Always continue on a sustained upward path, in order to enable the company to achieve safe human development.

Technical capabilities of our company


  • Use Facilities
  • Low Voltage Electrical Installations
  • Medium Voltage Electrical Installations
  • Normal and Decorative Lighting
  • Installation Command and Control System
  • Home Automation Integrated Management System

Associated Electricity HVAC and Technical Management

  • Low Voltage Electrical Installations
  • Command and Management Installation
  • Command and Management Systems
  • Integrated Monitoring Systems

Photovoltaic Production System

  • Self-consumption Production System
  • UPAC Systems for Tertiary Care
  • UPAC Systems (Over 1 MW)

Telecommunications, Voice and Data

  • Voice and Data Network
  • Structured Network
  • Fiber Optic Network
  • Installation of TV antennas – DTT and Radio
  • Installation of Antennas for the GSM Network
  • Distribution of TV Signals
  • Connection and sizing of ATIs
  • Connection and sizing of RGE's and ATE's


  • Fire Detection Network
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Network
  • Access Control Network
  • CCTV Network