Sucessix - Electrical Installations and Special Techniques

Sucessix - Portugal

Electrical Installations and Special Techniques

Company founded in 1991 by EDP professionals who felt the evolution that was predicted in the area of Electrical Installations and Special Techniques, and decided to start their own commercial activity in this specialized area.

The main objective of Sucessix is to respond to the growing needs and demands of the Civil Construction Industry market, applying methods of work, organization, experience and installed capacity that would allow it to win in this market.

After managing to overcome the challenges proposed by the Civil Construction Industry, the company started to diversify its services and started to operate in various industries, both maintenance and electrical installations, gas, fire detection and extinguishing, voice and data network, control and management of energy and equipment.

Street address:
Rua Abel Salazar 13, Bom Retiro
2600-023 - Vila Franca de Xira

Commercial / Industrial activity:
Special electrical and technical installations for the industrial and civil construction sector.

Legal authorization:
Permit No. 56860 - Class: 3 (three).

Fiscal / VAT Number • Country
PT 507420489 - Portugal

Opening hours:
not applicable.

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Continuous objectives of our company

1. Seek a continuous improvement of the service provided, so as to increase the business and number of customers.

2. Increase the quality both outdoors and in the internal structure allowing us to maximize all our installed capacity.

3. A defined strategy that avoids the error and its subsequent correction, so that you always reach a better quality service for the customer.

4. Always continue in a sustained ascent, in order to empower the company of safe Human development.

Technical capabilities of our company

  •   Electric Network (low-voltage / medium-voltage)
  •   Voice and data network
  •   Carbon Monoxide Detection Network
  •   Fire Detection Network
  •   Automatisms
  •   Industrial Maintenance
  •   Water and sewage network
  •   Reel systems
  •   Sprinklers system
  •   Fire extinguishing network
  •   Gas network
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